Shop 2 IN 1 Multi [IWB/OWB] Holster

Includes OWB Hard Belt Loops [1.5" or 1.75"]ONLY

Includes OWB Hard Belt Loops [1.5" or 1.75"]
 IWB Spring Clip Hardware [1.5" or 1.75"]

Includes OWB Hard Belt Loops [1.5" or 1.75"]
Adjustable Flexible Belt Loop Hardware [1.5" to 2"]

2-in-1 Multi Holster - Both Inside and Outside the Waistband:

  • Made by forming 2 pieces of Kydex™ with front and back
    impression to ensure exact fit and proper retention.

  • The holster is formed to follow the natural shape of the body. 
    Optional exterior mounted "belt loops" can be fastened to it.

  • OWB Hard Belt Loops [1.5" or 1.75"] are included on ALL 3 styles. 

  • Multi Style Holster can also be worn INSIDE the waistband. 
    Choose additional hardware to convert your Multi Holster to an
    INSIDE the waistband holster.  Choose to include either
    IWB Spring Clips [1.5" or 1.75"] OR Adjustable IWB Rubber Loops
    [Adjust to 1.5" - 2"].  Each IWB option is sold separately.

  • Also, there are several predrilled holes on the side of the holster
    so that the "belt loops" can be positioned for desired angle of cant
    or even the height of where you carry, either high ride or low ride.

  • Can be adjust for appendix carry or cross draw for IWB or OWB carry.


         Front - Cut/Partial Sweat Shield                     Back - Cut/Partial Sweat Shield 

Front - Full Sweat Shield

Back - Full Sweat Shield



The following information is required before we can create your custom 2-in-1 Multi Holster:

  • Gun Type or Model

  • Barrel Length

  • FBI Cant or Straight Draw

  • Right Handed or Left Handed

  • OWB Clip Size: 1.5" or 1.75"

  • AND IWB Spring Clip Size: 1.5" or 1.75"
    IF ordering this option.

  • Color:  Black Calcutta is Standard.  

  • In Shopping Cart Area CLICK ON CONTINUE SHOPPING to ADD your Laser Add-on Product. You will be returned to the previous Holster page and select the Laser
    Add-on Option.  If the Laser Add-on Product has NOT
    been added your holster will be made WITHOUT a Laser Attachment.

Thumb Break Option ~ 
ONLY offered on Multi [IWB/OWB] Holster at this time.


This option is a "Level 2" retention. Made from a leather strap with the inside strut backed
with Kydex for rigidity and ease of unsnapping. $30 Add-On fee.  
Any custom orders, or orders with a thumb break are not refundable.


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